Augmented Virtual Reality Applications

Focus360 is a provider of augmented virtual reality applications for health and safety.  These applications will enhance and really improve existing systems. Hence the applications go a long way to help with compliance.
We build bespoke software applications which can educate, train and update a company’s procedures on a daily basis. These applications will allow contractors and or employees to engage in health and safety online using their mobile device.

The benefits are enormous in terms for really improving health and safety systems.
There is a huge saving in staff hours because employees or contractors engage in the health and safety procedures before entering and leaving any work place.  A company can also very easily check up on these people coming on site, and then leaving.  Hence new employees will receive a consistent message and see a virtual walk through.  Emails are sent to the company when new employees and contractors have finished what they are asked to do.

Augmented Virtual Reality Applications

Inserts are placed into virtual tour(s) which are then used to create: overlays, text, links, PDF’s, videos etc.  When loaded to a mobile responsive website it really helps with health and safety systems, these are:
– contractors coming onsite
– induction training
– ongong health and safety training

Move the image with your mouse or swipe on mobile. 

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